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Just Jane

Where do you buy your plants and seeds?

I was just wondering where other downsizers abroad get their plants and seeds - have you found good garden centres/nurseries close to you; can you recommend websites in your country or do you still order from British websites or bring back stuff every time you visit the UK?

Just Jane

LIDL! About 0.29 a packet for many veg/flower seeds

DT Brown
Chiltern Seeds
Thompson And Morgan

..there are some local garden stores here in France (Jardiland/Mr Bricolage / E. L'eclerc agri/bati) but they are uniformly overpriced and often poor quality.

- Adrian.

i like to buy from richter's . they're great.
Blue Sky

Lidl are cheap but (as may be expected with cheap) we have found them to be rather inreliable in way of germination and quality of plant.

This year we used the Thompson & Morgan online store for all our chili seeds amongst other stuff and we have had some good yeilds. They have just sent me this years catalogue by post but I don't think the whole range is in it. I will be using their online catalogue again this year for seeds that I havn't managed to source locally (Parsnips being the biggie). Speaking of which - has anyone been succesful with parsnips this season cos none of my ruddy things came up and now we face a winter without Crying or Very sad

G'day from Down Under!

My partner and I are both avid gardeners. We also belong to our local community garden.

I have found that the seeds from the food we eat produces the best results. In fact, this winter {oposite of your seasons here} we filled a hole in the yard that the puppy had dug with some of our homemade compost. There must have been quite a few tomatoes in there somewhere with the seeds not completely broken down. Sure enough, this Spring, right in the middle of our newly patched lawn, heaps of tiny tomato plants sprang up. I dug them out carefully with a butter knife and planted them in small pots. These are now producing and will go in an organic garden we are planting in the backyard of a house set up for homeless youth.

We also have rockmelon {cantaloupe}, swiss chard, spinach, thai chilies, colored capsicum {bell and other peppers} and a few other garden plants that we had success from 'store bought food seeds'

I am an avid Dumpster Diver and I find many really unique plant seeds this way, even if the vegetable is past it's prime.

Many of the seeds I use come from what has gone to seed at our community garden - these are 'known' to be pest and disease resistant and grow well in our climate.

Try this as an alternative and see what happens for you. It works the same with most flower seeds as well.


Miss Diva

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