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where to find land valuations?

Further to my thread on name-changing on deeds, I need to find the valuation of a sand dune! (Well, 100 acres, actually!) It is an SSSI as well. Difficulties have arisen, not with Inheritance Tax, but with Capital Gains!! There is a government website which is not very helpful. Would an estate agent (in the right area) have any references? I don't expect they get much call for this sort of property, but land is getting scarce and they aren't making any more of it!

I've just asked in the office for you seeing as we are a legal searches company Smile

An Estate Agent would give you a valuation for Sale value, however for a formal valuation you would need to get a Surveyor in to do the valuatiion

You will need to track down a surveyor who is used to surveying land at least I would have though, and ideally the type of land you're selling. Do you have any wildlife trusts or similar organisations in the area? They might be able to give you the name of someone.

I assume you want the valuation to be as small as possible to keep the CGT bill low? I was offered some land a couple of years ago but declined the offer and now it's owned by a wildlife trust. As it required a fair amount of work the actual cost per acre was surprisingly low and I'd expect that would apply in your case.

At the end of the day though, it's value will be based on what someone would be willing to pay so I expect any valuation will be a bit of a guess.

Thanks, that has given me something to go on!
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