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Which blog?

I want to start a blog to record a new project for my theatre company. I need to be able to link it easily to our FB page and twitter account as well as our website and wefund. Nothing complicated, just somewhere I can keep a diary and upload a few photos.
Which is the simplest and best for linking?

Posterous?You can just email updates and they appear as blog posts...I think!

Use Wordpress as your web site and blogging engine.

I'll have a look at posterous.
We have a custom built website and wouldn't consider changing it for a diy one :0).

We run several bogs and on reflection I think blogger is the better platform for me. Swings and roundabouts....

I like blogger. It integrates nicely with fb.

we have weebly, wordpress and blogger, I personally prefer blogger it links with twitter and fb easily as well as having email and google icons
       Downsizer Forum Index -> Small Business Questions, Ideas and Advice
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