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Which Chainsaw.

Many, if not most people will point to Husqvarna or Stihl as the best makes of chainsaw. I believe they are right to do so, but I expect the gap between third place is closing.

I am posting this to say that in my book, Husqvarna have taken a clear lead because of superior customer service.

I asked both companies about a workshop manual for an old saw. Stihl said:
we are only permitted to provide parts lists/workshop manuals to our Dealer network.

Husqvarna didn't give me a manual either, but theirs was a better excuse and they were more apologetic about it.

You would be better off asking on Arbtalk. I'm looking at my first one and along with the two main bands I'm looking at Echo saws, the 5 year domestic guarantee looks appealing if I can get it.

You would be better off asking on Arbtalk.

For a manual?
Or did you think I was looking for a review rather than giving one?

the thing that put me off stihl was the tendency to cut out at certain angles and so they require a nose down dip to get em going again,struck me as a bit dangeroos .

Depends on the job.
Husq are typically a lot quicker and great for soft wood or small diameter stuff
Stihl are typically better for those tough, knotted logs or bigger diameter stuff (its all about torque)
Although, really it all depends on the models your comparing.
both are quality manufacturers

Both are very good. Choose one that suits your budget and cutting needs.

Up to now I have generally favoured Stihl because my Stihl saws run better than my Huskies, but as my Huskies are about as old as I am, that is not a fair comparison.
But now that this customer service issue has come to light, Husky wins hands down...
At least for the moment: it's not over yet...

husky is easier to strip and rebuild imho

im not sure which is best in very cold weather

stihl are good in damp and can even get over being dropped in water if you give em a shake and a few pulls Embarassed

while we are at this oregon chains Laughing

my old stihl 'picked up' (a sad day).
Husk has been great, but I'm going back to stihl - i like them all but am tempted by a pto saw for smaller diameter stuff once extracted
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