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which chimney cowls?

Looking for advice on which type of chimney cowl to fit:

we have 2 chimneys, topped by decent pots. Neither have cowls on them. I fear that during heavy rain, large amounts of rain can fall down the chimneys. At best, this cools the chimney down while its in use (thus allowing the tars to collect inside the chimney), and at worst it produces a damp chimney while not in use.

So I need cowls.

Chimney A= bedroom chimney, now blocked off (vented) in bedroom
Chimney B= living room wood burner

We have a good draw at present, not too strong & never too weak. Our house is on high ground in York, so wind can come from a variety of different directions.

Chimney A must be water tight but allow some venting. Also should stop starlings nesting.
Chimney B must be water tight, stop starlings, and not reduce draw during different wind directions.

So what sort of cowls am I looking for?
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