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Which outdoor pepper

I tried growing Chilli 'Palivec' from the real seed co. Last year it grew, but didn't really do well. This year I've had a 100% germination failure. With this in mind, I'm on the look out for a decent low-medium hot chilli that will grow outdoors in the UK. Ideally a non F1-hybrid.

I know it's too late for this year, but would be interested to know for next year.


the nursery persons at our local car boot sale had a variety of chilli plants.

my one is now 6inches tall and cost a pound when it was a little bit smaller .

i think it has small black very hot pods but they had quite a few sorts ,your local boot sale might be able to provide a replacement for the fallen

Real Seeds also do one called "Nigel's Outdoors Chilli" which is supposed to be good outdoors (the clue's in the name I guess) - out of stock now but more due in autumn 2015.
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