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Getting into November, and we've had some frosts. Anyone else intending to forage whitebeam fruits, as they should be starting to blet on the trees by now ? I make wine, what do you do with yours ?

Made a jelly once, it was passable but nowt special. How do you find the wine?

The wine is good - fruit picked end of Nov up here, very well bletted.
Apricotty when young, maturing to a more crab-apple style as it ages. A light wine for easy summer drinking.

When picked unbletted, makes a very tart and tannic wine, even when mixed down with crabapples and pears, and takes a long time to be drinkable, even if you like that medicinal style of wine.

Gil, can you blet these off the tree?

service tree berries

If you like the taste of whitebeam berries, then try wild service tree berries if you can find them. They are very good when they blet and taste like a cross between apricot and prune. Very Happy

hedgehogpie wrote:
Gil, can you blet these off the tree?

I;d guess you could blet them in the freezer, but just wait to pick till they're not as rock hard as earlier in the year. Before, they're green with a blush like apples. When they blet, they turn brownish-purple.

Thanks! Very Happy

Just chilling on here after processing nearly 30lb of whitebeam for the freezer (for wine eventually).

Lots of fruit already well-bletted on the trees - looking like lumps of carnelian, beautiful Very Happy . Some still not bletted, but the birds are at the bletted ones, so I just picked and hope the freezer does some of the work. May go back tomorrow and pick some more (another 5 gallons would come in handy).
For all it's ripe so late, it makes a great wine for summer drinking.

Per gallon, you need :
3 or 3.5lb fruit
1 litre of white grape juice,
small piece of ginger, bashed,
juice of 1 lemon
sugar (between 2.5 - 3 lb depending on how strong you want it)
Yeast starter
pectic enzyme, sulphite, whatever other chems you use.

My last fruit harvest of the year. Phew ! but sorry too. Freezer almost full.
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