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Does any tree person know I these drop their leaves sooner than most - I have three on the estate I manage and they are planted in different areas, as soon as gardeners have been and mowed the lawns are covered again in leaves??

Not that I know of, could it be heat stress/drought?
Mistress Rose

I don't think they do particularly either. The leaves are far more obvious than most though because of their size and colour, so just a few look like a lot. High winds will bring some down, but otherwise as Tahir says.

I think the ones in my woodland do drop their leaves earlier than some trees, but they're not in the ideal position as it can get a bit wet.

I'll have a look at them over the weekend and see how they compare to other trees, the sycamore round here this year has shed very early.

I've checked and our whitebeams definitely have quite a few leaves down already. Neighbouring oak and hazel hardly any down, a few off the beech and the cherry almost bald.

Thanks for your input all - the whitebeam are planted in different areas and yet all seem to be acting in the same way - one area is quite damp and its a solitary tree
another within 15 feet of 2 large oaks so it could be too dry and the other planted about 10 feet from a crab apple which is healthy. We are on clay maybe when our company employs the tree survey guys we will know more.
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