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Why control of your PC is important to malicious hackers

Picking up a virus or Trojan isn't just a nuisance to be brushed aside by installing anti-virus software, which quite often fails to stop an attack, but an event which could disrupt your life on a much larger scale than you may have thought.

A 'hacked' computer can be used by the hacker for all sort of nefarious activities not least among them include...

oldish chris

a little thought passed through my little brain. All of those horrid things that this malware stuff can do require your computer to be on and connected to the internet. Isn't there some kind of a system monitor in Windows to display I/O and/or processor usage.

On my system, top right is a little icon thingy that shows how much processing each CPU is doing, so, whilst writing this, I'm only using 1 to 5% of my capacity. If, in the background I was launching a DDoS attack, I'd think I'd notice (wouldn't I?)

Yes, there are several utilities. However, some nasties are installed as rootkits and are very difficult to detect evading network monitoring.

Glasswire is a very good Windows app.

You're right. Most people don't know their PC has been hijacked even when used in DDOS attacks.

so far this lappy seems fairly secured(i wish i hadnt said that )

the tower i used a few years ago got "poorly"a couple of times ,both times it acted "wrong"and started to "do things"which i noticed before harm was done .

good anti virus and malware scans etc help

no script is a bit messy if you want to watch embedded stuff etc but it can block many unpleasant things as well as trackers etc .if you turn it off or down ghostery gets most of the trackers

linux etc is more secure than windoze stuff
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