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wild boar cross

Iv recently seen a fair few being advertised being wild boar cross whatever. But in fact people don't know what crosses they are. Gets on my nerves a little bit due to should know what your buying or at least research what they are. Think iv mailed ty gwyn before asking about it but what's the law's on them even if they have a % of them in them. As last week there was a fatal on the m4 where a wild boar was struck by a car in the middle lane forcing it into a lorry causing a passenger I believe to die. I think I know where boar has come from even though it's been denied and cause of crash I believe that the boar had gone into the central reservation and where it's a 3 ft high concrete barrier it had to come back the way it went . I can see laws on them being tougher in the years to come

I thought the laws on pure wild boars was already tough?

Passing vosa in Bath today mangled wild boar on side of road today

tis cold and hungry weather

i recon piggy roadkill is as fine as deer or whatever

Do folks remember the wild boar crosses we did a while back? They were some of the quietest pigs that we've ever had. I've got fond memories of these.
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