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wild foodie's website

hey peeps,
pleased to announce my website is up and running, I've still some work to do but the basics and all important wild food courses and events page is up. please visit and let me know what you think and what else you'd like to see there! (A blog is coming - I'm a bit 'blogged' down with other stuff just now ) Laughing



Nice site. Shame the walks are in Cambridge cos it's something I'd love to do.

Me too.
The sites looking great! Very Happy

Looks great to me. Very professional and useful. Very Happy
Barefoot Andrew

boisdevie1 wrote:
Nice site. Shame the walks are in Cambridge cos it's something I'd love to do.

Likewise. Maybe we can all come and stay at Castle Cab... Smile

Couple of teething problems with your navigation sidebar: the "contact me" item doesn't align with the others, and on the courses page there's an extra bullet point. These comments as viewed in Firefox

Wise move having a graphic for your email instead of a 'mailto' link - will help to combat annoying spam. Frankly, spam just doesn't go with wild salad.


aww thanks guys for the compliments... and the head up on sidebar problem, barefoot andrew( great name!!)
For the non east anglia peeps, I have railcard, will travel!
Boisdevie I have a friend in lancaster, if there's a feasible number of interested people, I 'd love to do something when I'm next up there...

Some cracking forage up in Lancaster.

Looking good with the wild food site Wildfoodie Smile
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