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Wild Garlic "Bulbs" ?

Does wild garlic go back to a bulb at the end of the season?

I bought a potted plant & now all the leaves have "died" & all that remains are the bulbs.

Can I plant these out ready for next year or is the whole thing dead?


they have bulbs,small ones ,but bulbs

probably best to wait a while (end sept) keeping them only a little damp but not dry and then separate them gently before planting them out in a damp /shadyish place about 6 inches apart .the bulbs will "bud off" and fill the gaps in a few years to give a carpet rather than a wayne rooney effect.if you chose a spot similar to ones where you have seen them in the wild they will probably thrive.
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Thanks for your reply.

I will plant them out then & see what happens in the spring. Smile
Mistress Rose

The leaves naturally die off in about June/July. I have never tried to replant them, but I sent some to someone else and they seem to transplant quite happily in the right place during the dormant period. Be aware that if they are happy they will spread and that they will dominate the area they grow. They like shade and a reasonable amount of moisture. They grow best in our woods in alkaline soil, but they are supposed also according to the books need an acid soil, so I assume they will tolerate most soils.
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I'm very happy for them to dominate an area as I use a huge amount in cooking & make pesto etc while they're in season Razz

As has been said, they die down, using this years growth to fatten the bulbs, so don't harvest all the leaves from them if you want them to build up a patch. Also don't forget where you plant them as they're fairly non-descript bulbs.

As for spreading we've found the seeds are the worst culprits, so either pick of the buds to eat or collect the seed and sow where you want them. If left they blow all over the garden and seem to lodge where you don't want them.

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