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Wild Garlic

First shoots pushing through up here, mighty fiery!

Duck eggs are back on sale too. It's omelette time. Very Happy

It's the first proper harbinger of spring for me - duck egg and wild garlic omelette. I'm hoping the stuff I planted in the garden has survived the winter, too.

Yep it's popping through in our garden as well. Smile

Must go to the woods for a look Smile

Mine are just coming through...not big enough for harvest yet.
I did pick some three corned leek yesterday so something fresh and oniony atleast Very Happy

Nope: not showing yet. Bluebells are though Smile

Must go to the woods for a look Smile

when i read this that was my first thought Laughing im off to hudds this week and know some ace patches ,round here the ones i know are far too doggy for comfort Laughing

First little shoots popping up in the garden.

Picked a decent sized batch of unforced rhubarb on Sunday.
Nicky Colour it green

yup saw some down by the river bank spring is springing

Mine arrived a fortnight ago, already had it as a liner in the cup whilst poaching eggs, lovely! Very Happy
Mistress Rose

Smelt the wild garlic when I was last in the seriously garlicky patch a few weeks ago. Must check again soon. Haven't seen any elsewhere yet. We coppiced that area last year, and a lot of other things have developed over the spring and summer, so am interested to see what happens to the garlic. May well be an decrease, but we have so much that I am not worried. Not edible, but saw some celandine flowers yesterday.

Celandines have been popping up for weeks here. Wild garlic is well on the way. Snowdrops are over their best. Sloe blossom starting to peep out, also elder and hawthorn leaves. Daffs breaking out all over the place! It's all starting to happen Very Happy

eta - celandine roots are edible and meant to cure piles!
Green Rosie

Been picking leaves for a couple of weeks - I cannot believe how early everything is this year Shocked

No omelettes here but DUCKLINGS ARE HATCHING Laughing
Mistress Rose

The wild garlic is coming up, but still not much more than 3" high and not properly unfurled yet. Found several patches through the wood yesterday.
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