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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Time Again

Some great pics again.
BBC Linky

ace snaps

the ir of the lions looks like proper old school wet print stuff ,the frog'sporn if funny as and the mousy is better than disney

im not sure if it is true but perhaps the lions got hunted and are no longer available for modeling photos

BBC wrote:
Three of the females were killed a few months later when the pride ventured on to land beyond the park.


oh dear,i know lions are well represented in some places and can be a bit nibbly on folk's farm animals but i sort of hoped they were happily eating wildlife and not getting into bother.
wellington womble

Oh, I shall miss that. It used to come to tring museum.

Great photo's but the winner is a bit up himself:

Nichols caught the scene, which he calls The Last Great Picture, from on top of his vehicle......He said the infrared transformed the light, turning "the moment into something primal, biblical almost".

Mistress Rose

It did strike me that currently monochrome is the 'in' thing, but I certainly didn't see it that way.


using ir film in a hot place is rather like crossing the andes by frog

i suspect part the greyscale fashion is a "i know about wet photography"reposte to the billions offairly ordinary colour snaps every year.

that said there is something rather nice about a well made wet print but a very similar result can be obtained by skilled use of photoshop and if the image is to be viewed on a screen rather than a wall .
much as i like split grading ,good use of dodge and burn etc etc platinum prints etc photoshop is cheaper to use than a pro darkroom,better to experiment with and you dont end up blinking in daylight and smelling of developer Laughing

I used to like the smells.

me too but it does not always endear one to the public Laughing
Mistress Rose

I haven't really played around with photoshop, but know some of the wet developing techniques as I used to help my father, then my son when he was doing photography at school. You can get some really amazing results with for instance clouds and smoke.

The difference between a snap and a proper picture is not so much in the clever bits, but in the composition, focus and colour or tonal range. I have seen any number of colour snaps with grey tinges and poor composition and as they were of a child, husband or parents, have had to make nice noises about it, even when thinking what a load of rubbish. Similarly in the past, black and white abominations existed, but at a maximum of about 12 exposures a film, at least you tended to think before clicking the shutter. Well, perhaps some people didn't. Very Happy
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