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Will a compact tractor run a bailer?

Bit of a specific question I know, but have a chance to get hold of a traditional small bailer but I only have a 20HP Kuboto so not sure it will have the power to drive it.

The PTO power is pretty good and it does at least have gears so I hope it will be sufficient, even if we run it a little slower than a full sized tractor would.

Anyone any hints?


Minimum for small balers is about 30 I think, but I'm no expert. I run a b47 behind a fordson major about 40hp, and it runs it with no problem at all. I'd worry with less horses whether I was going to rip the guts out of the tractor or not. As I said I'm no expert but with only 20hp if it did run the baler you may compromise reliability.
Rob R

No, probably not enough weight behind it either, the 35 we have handles a small baler ok but I wouldn't want anything lighter on it.


I had exactly this problem this summer. I have a 30HP Ford 1910. My baler manual says 30HP minimum. I tried it with no hay in it and it ran just fine, but under load it was straining and the water temp was going up. I gave up and bought a bigger tractor with more HP (I still have the small one to cut and turn). so I would say don't risk it as you're only going to shorten the life of your tractor or run into problems.
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