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Will this be ok for shooting rabbits?

Hi All,

Got hold of a slavia 630 model 77.
Its one I had for a while, but lent to my brother in law for a couple of years, and just got it back.
It has some surface rust and I have found a site where I can get replacement seals and a new spring, but I wanted to know if it will be ok for shooting rabbits?
I have purchased a 4x28 MIL DOT Telescopic Air Rifle Scope for it.



You'll need to get the power measured by a gunsmith to see how much it's producing.

about 50 plus any parts will get it fettled and tuned at a good gunshop

a proper home fettling can put the thing into fac power (which is fine unless you are asked for the papers ,things can get awkward about details in the uk )if you have no chrono get the shop to sort it

The CZ slavia is a trainer rifle. Standard they only run out at about 4, so not enough to consider taking on live quarry. I'm sure they can be brought up a little, but not into serious hunting territory (around the 10 plus mark). To take one of these up to FAC power would make it unshootable, the recoil from the spring would put shots all over the place. I'll be chronoing it for nightwish when the parts are in.

They're still a great little trainer rifle though.

sorry not familiar with the model but my advice stands for any springer

With some rifles you're right dpack, but it all depends on how much room, bore and throw, you have to fit a spring in. This rifle is .177, so you need to shift a lot of air quite quickly to get the required muzzle velocity. The spring barrel on these is fairly small, so you rely on a spring with a very high k value. That means that it will be quite twangy, and make accurate shooting difficult.

The high powered springers use a much bigger tube for the spring and piston, and so don't need to accelerate the piston so fast and can use bigger springs with a lower k value, so you get much smoother shooting. Smoothest of all is a gas ram, but I'd be willing to bet there aren't any that are made to fit that rifle!

If you have the land, I'd say get a .22 or .17HMR rifle. Airguns are more expensive and less powerful.

Brownbear wrote:
If you have the land, I'd say get a .22 or .17HMR rifle. Airguns are more expensive and less powerful.

Totally agree, even after you take into account the cost of a cabinet and getting the FAC. Airguns have their uses though, where even a .22 rimmy would be too much gun!

a pc air weapon is perfect for some places ,fac kit is best for most

never use owt less than the tool for the job

I already own a shotgun and was looking at getting a rifle, but decided against it in the end

Matt was kind enough to test the gun for me and it came out at 7lb so not enough for rabbits.

So I took myself to our local gun shop and on Tuesday will be picking up a Falcon Prairie CM.
Picking it up on Tuesday, as they could not find the magazine in the shop so have ordered me one and a spare one (Free of Charge) and a silencer.

Look out bunnies Laughing
Wood child

Air rifles

When you refer to "air guns", do you mean gas powered or break barrel?
My mate has a break barrel; an SMK B2 .22, which he reguarly hunts rabbits with. Usually dispatches bunnies in one shot, v. good gun.
What is the difference between gas powered and break barrel?

By "gas powered", I presume that you mean pre-charged pneumatic (PCP). A PCP has a cylinder of high-pressure air that drives the pellet instead of a spring / gas strut.
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