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Windbreak mesh

Has anyone used that green, woven type of wind breakmesh?

I'm looking to establish a new garden, hedges etc and some protection will be required for the first couple of years.

There seems to be a wide range of mesh out there, different densities (40%, 50%, 60% mesh etc), different ways of making it etc, etc.

Has anyone used it and have any recommendations? I'm also hoping it might keep the roe deer off but that might be more wishful thinking as I don't want to go much higher than 1m.

I used it while I established some raspberries at the old allotment. It seemed to work pretty well for that, but doubt it would keep the deer out.

It's now used as a sun and wind screen on the most exposed side of the chicken runs.

1m is unlikely to stop deer

for shelter etc the green netting for scaffolding is excellent.

I used orange 'building site hazard netting' (I dont know what the real name is). It was good for a bit of gentle windbreak and also we think has put off foxes. Its worn out now after 8 years, but is cheap.
Mistress Rose

For roe deer you will need 6' high fencing. The alternative is to put low fencing round small areas that they can't jump into. The knack is to have it far enough away from the plant without there being room for them to jump in safely. We have used this in one or two places to protect individual coppice stools in the woods.

You can buy 6' and probably 2m plastic deer mesh. Tenex is the best, but you can buy own brands from some agricultural suppliers. We found for reasonable areas, put in strainers at the corners, and posts in between, put wire, top, bottom and middle and attach the plastic to all 3 with 'pig rings'. For best results also use rabbit mesh at the bottom as badgers, mice etc. nibble neat holes in the bottom to get through.

Not exactly what you want, but you might find the strainers, posts, wire and ring attachment gives you the best results.

To be clear, the main reason I want the windbreak mesh is as a windbreak. Hence asking if anyone has any thoughts on the densities.

The prices and quality also seems to vary and I think paying a bit more might mean a longer lasting mesh that can be moved and used elsewhere.

As for deer, I have a fair bit of experience with roe. One of the main problems I've had with establishing hedges is not the nibbling but the bucks fraying the stems.
Mistress Rose

I realised it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but thought some points might be helpful.
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