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Graham Hyde

Windows Update


Re: Windows Update

I have chosen the 'Never check for updates' option.

Why? That is a most silly thing to do. Not having the latest updates leave you open to all sorts of abuse and you probably will never be aware of it.

As far as I recall the Diagnostics Tracking Service was an optional update but I may be wrong on that. It is easily removed by uninstalling it or disabling it from starting in Services. If you have problems with erratic behaviours then thoroughly check your system for nasties.
Graham Hyde


I have the same problem. I want to choose when to install the updates but even when I turn off automatic updates the netbook still checks and can grind to a halt. (It doesn't install them though or reboot).

I'm fully aware of their importance but when they start behaving like a virus things aren't right.
Graham Hyde


Don't believe all the conspiracy theories or assumptions others may make.

You can stop the Windows Update Service in the Services section of the control panel. It's not something I'd recommend doing or stopping the diagnostics service.
Graham Hyde


This is not about a theory. This is about a fact
Not even an IT specialist was aware his machine had been involved.

Involved in what? I doubt many if any IT specialist (I am one) knows what all the Windows Services do, how they operate, and what data is exchanged, the same is true on any OS. I certainly don't.

This doesn't make it bad in fact it plays you straight into the hands of those whose intention is to gain access to your machine. By stopping or disabling services you know nothing about could leave you exposed. Your computer, you decide.
Graham Hyde

The dpack

and? surprised?

to see the attack provides the defence

The setting you originally chose about the transmission service has been overridden without your authority and set to 'run'.
You can change this setting back but how many people were aware of the change.
You certainly was not aware going from your earlier post.
MS gave information in the Update notice, not many people read or understand these information packs.
I will not have auto updates.

Now, can anyone tell me how to stop my Windows Update Process from restarting? Don't answer that.

Vegplot answered this up above.

Are you aware you're coming across with a very snippy tone?
Graham Hyde

I'm vegplot

Are you sure you want to be online with all the attendant risk of tracking websites, malicious code, javascript injection, spoof domains etc? vegplot

This programme changes the setting of the computers so that the computers would report to Microsoft.

What does it do? What information does it report?

This programme changes the setting of the computers so that the computers would report to Microsoft.

What does it do? What information does it report?

Isn't that Graham's question? If MS think it's important then they should be far more open about what it does and probably give people the option to install it or not.

The are of course risks and benefits of using the internet and we need to decide if a benefit outways the risk. For example, a single password for multiple sites is far easier to remember but very risky.
Graham Hyde

My vegplot

What information would they have access to? Graham Hyde

Hi dpack

i tend to work on the principle that if my antivirus/security scan/antimalware immunization suppliers want info they will give me something for free and both protect me and use me as "bait"to see what is out in the wild .

microsoft are more likely to wish to see what crashes the os so as they can patch the patches over the patches on the tweeks over the patches ............ back to the infinity of bill's garage

however considering the brave mr snowden,the pooter builders that factory install trackers and malware,encryption with backdoor access ,promis ,etc etc etc that have been created to collect "sipint" for states and "management and marketing statistics"for commercial clients even linux and tor and mil spec encryption are probably not as private as a very private thing.

i block ads and commercial trackers so as declutter my screen etc and use a variety of security tactics (mostly to protect me from infections rather than to conduct an exorcism of casper)but as one machine uses ms vista i sort of accept that ms will gather probably harmless data.gchq can see what i do because i want them to .

While manually controlling updates is a good thing there are of course disadvantages to that approach

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