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Winter planting?

What's good for planting now? If only for ground cover/carbon capture...

Carrot variety Frubund - a true Autumn planting carrot.
Winter hardy spring onions and other Autumn planting onions and garlic (maybe leave those a bit later though)
Winter density lettuce - a fantastic tasting lettuce that'll stand all winter for early 2018 cropping
Ice queen lettuce - another good one. Cover with cloches later on.
Spring cabbage plants

I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them at present.


Thanks, that's a good few to be going on with...
Mistress Rose

I will look out for the carrot. Our curly kale and purple sprouters seem to continue well through the winter. Frost tends to stop the kale, but it comes back again when it warms up a bit.

ta folks Laughing
even if the woodshed roof is dark as a dark alley in dark town during winter something might grow

i wonder what it might be ?

I've grown 'Dazzling Blue' kale this year (a lacinato type)
It is said to be especially cold hardy. (we'll see, assuming the dog doesn't get too many chances to eat it - she has a habit of gnawing our kale plants down to the soil line after there's no more grass available to eat)

Spinach is remarkably cold tolerant if you can start it soon enough to get to a decent size before the days are too short for it to put on any growth, and sort of "stockpile" it for winter harvesting.
Mistress Rose

I grew ordinary, rather than curly kale, last year, but found it wasn't any more cold hardy. Hope your variety is Slim, and that you can restrain the dog. Very Happy

A bit late possibly, but is it too late for planting purple sprouting plants out? It is a bit late for planting seeds, I guess, but would planting plants be OK?

Real Seeds sell a variety from the Shetland Islands that's said to be pretty bullet proof in the weather department.


Garlic in early October.

Winter Aconite This is one of the happiest plants to have in the winter as they are bright and colorful. These flowers are just like buttercups but in winter! They love to live in moist soil and shaded areas. Very Happy

Ooooh I should get some of those!
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