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Wobbly electricity pole

The electricity pole in the field has come loose in the ground and is wobbling a bit.
How loose before I phone Scottish Power ?
Or whose responsibility is it ?

Report it straight away... it could lead to power outages.

Then send them an invoice for your surveying time Laughing

the distribution and poles folk are regional ,i think they are usually in the useful numbers section in a phone book

as to is it safe get an expert Wink

supply side is dangeroos and they will check it if they can find it Laughing

It'll be their responsibility....our (nice..the other side) nextdoor neighbour used to have one in his garden and SWEB maintained it.
another one for report it straight away.

phone right away - then make follow up phone call if not leccy's job to fix

Wouldn't like to walk in a field with a downed cable in it

Is there a contact number and ID number on the pole?

im not going to look for a post number if it is wobbling Laughing

a local line can hold quite a charge and the 440k stuff is bonkers so whichever call an expert ,they like to know before it is a problem

Have phoned Scottish Power, and they are sending someone out to check it.

good Very Happy
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