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Won't work in Firefox

Anyone else having problemns still? I can open the forum in IE but not in Firefox. I hacven't changed any settings and have all cookies enabled so don't have a clue what is wrong. Been like this since yesterday afternoon as far as I can tell


Did you clear your existing cookies, that is what fixed it for me
Jo S

this happened to me, only way to fix was to delete FF's memory ...

tools > clear recent history
select 'everything' under time range to clear
Make sure cookies, cache are selected

then resart FF

Magic....worked thanks.


I had problems first thing in firefox, but once I'd cleared all my browser history it behaved again
Jo S

the trick is making sure you remember to check the boxes .... which I didn't really fail to do the first time I tried it yesterday Embarassed

Same problem here.

What about bookmarks? Will they be deleted as well?

Figured it out. Feeling very much like a computer boffin

Thanks BMS been having trouble all day, your clear instructions have sorted it Smile

make sure cookies,cache are selected

except that bit Embarassed
wellington womble

I couldn't get in in firefox until I cleared my cookies (browser history wasn't enough) but I can't log in automatically yet. Might have to clear my cache.

Now I can't attach pictures. It says 'image in FF gallery has expired' Is this linked ?

I can't either.

I think that it may well be. The gallery is technically part of the main site, not the forum I think and jema said something about the rest of the site taking longer to move than the forums. I've no idea what to suggest though.


I cleared my cache again and then it worked.

Embarassed where's my cache?

Go to tools, then clear recent history.

Thanks just done that will try to attach a photo again. No didn't work Smile I'll shout Simon

I cleared my cache and cookies and could then log on to the site.. however I still cant see photos, I get a white box with red letters saying 'Image has expired from the myff gallery'

I suspect it's to do with the move.

I expect a PC reboot might sort it.
Jo S

Click tools in the top toolbar

Then click clear recent history

It will bring this up:

Check the boxes next to cache and cookies

Once you have clicked clear now, restart firefox


All working now thank you very much Smile
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