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Wood burner back boiler leaking possible easy fix.

Three weeks ago my back boiler in the wood burner developed a small internal leak after looking round for a replacement wood burner I decided to try an inexpensive fix,
I spent one evening draining down the boiler and part of the heating system, the next day I put 4 pints of clean water in the back of the boiler, then added 500ml of Wonderweld, a heavy duty repair for cracked engine blocks costing around £13, then added more fresh water, but kept most of the radiators closed leaving a small circuit for the water and the Wonderweld to run around, got a small fire going, shortly after that the leak stopped, after two hours each radiator was brought back on line one at a time, the fire was kept in for nine hours, the following day another small fire for seven hours.
The instructions for wonderweld say ‘run the engine for 500 miles around 30 to 50 mph’ I felt I had done that in the sixteen hours running. I have not had any problems since.

well done

another trick is to put a mashed banana in the system
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