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stumbling goat

Wood burner wanted?

As title really,

For a 2 up 2 down small cottage style house.

Inset or free standing, what's out there, what have you?

Mistress Rose

We have a Clearview that is very efficient. Think they do small ones. It is also pretty solid and sits in an alcove. We have enough room above ours to use the flat top for cooking.
wellington womble

I've had various different ones, and the Charnwood wins by a mile. Efficient, easy to manage and keep in overnight (only one that ever did) we got it from the stove shop at the Bucks Goat Centre. They were very good, although I can't remember their name.

I really does make a difference. I've had cheaper ones in rented houses, and they are hard to light, don't draw properly, hard to control (one of them only went at full blast all the time) and hard to clean (the current one has no provision for an ash pan. Stupid, cheap thing!) I'll go and look at it, actually, because it's by far the worst one I've had. If I get the chance, I can look at the big one too, because I think that was actually ok, it just wasn't installed properly (bits left over. Big clue!)

We've got the smallest Clearview. They're expensive but worth it IMHO. We've gone through a winter (a mild one admittedly) with no other heating and it was OK in a four bed terraced house.
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