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wood/pallets wanted please

has any one in my area got any old wood or pallets laying around that they no longer need i need to box in a corner of my garden to stop my new chickens from eating all my new veggi plants
i would also like to try and build stiff from unwanted wood like bird tables and bat boxes/ hedge hog houses to help the wildlife that i get so much joy out of el Question

I have lots - in Essex, sorry!

what area are you in .. have i missed it?

lol a little far to go from here lol Confused
but not impossable my sister lives in orpington and has a pic up she might be able to get some for me she will be comming to visit me in wales soon

Have a look around your local industrial estate, builders/feed suppliers that sort of places and just go and ask if they've any to spare. They're not usually too difficult to get hold of.
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