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Wood shed

Looking to make a wood shed and a bike shed with corrugated roofs as the weather improves. been looking at woodsheds and This type of design seems fairly normal :-

Obviously that's a very expensive way to enclose a minimum of space with a depth of only 2' 5" when a smallish amount of extra materials could easily enclose double the space !

Is there something about woodsheds which makes it essential to have a very thin stack ? and why should that dictate the size of the storage ?

airflow and no rain on the wood are the only important things

my urban one is 2 pallets at floor level and two at 1400 mm up with a board/ felt roof and tarp walls

lots of warmed airflow and no rain .it seems to work ok

how you stack is important ,it can be done with no "building"by sloping the wood with gaps and using the outside timber as a roof .

That's how I saw it too dpack - a good overlap on the roof and protection from the prevailing wind were what I had in mind.

Thanks for the ideas - I like the two levels of pallets Cool

So I'm thinking posts with a tin roof and a wee walkway - 2 pallets to the left and two to the right, with a repeat at 1400 Smile

I'm also thinking flimsy wicker hurdles for walls / doors but only on the exposed sides. However your tarps do have the benefit of cheap and quick ! Very Happy

Alternatively if the availability of pallets is good, they could be used as walls / supports for the upper level as well !

A tall thin store would sit nicely against the house wall.

Right enough omb, but then why have a solid back on it ?

Mine will be some twenty metres away from the house and between the path and the fence so I have about 7 foot gap to utilise.
Mistress Rose

As Dpack says, the object is air flow and keep the rain off. The simplest is one stack depth on pallets to let air flow underneath with tarp or iron on top. If you want to build one more than 1 log length deep, ideally make sure you allow air flow between the stacks.

Our main log store for large quantities is a poly tunnel without ends, but we have to part season the timber in the log first, and there is still a tendency for it to develop mould. As we are talking 100+ cu m of wood here, we can't put it all neatly stacked on pallets though as there just isn't enough time.
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