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wooden tool handles

I need a new handle for my digging spoons - make that 2, so I've got a spare.
like this except over the years mine have been beefed up - shovels reinforced, pivot bushes added, one set with flat ends and one set with pointed ends. I've considered welding metal handles on, but all things considered I want to stick with wood.

What's the best wood for the job ?
Anybody on here sell handles ?
38mm x 1200mm

ash,strong ,long lasting and it has a bit of "give"to reduce rsi etc.
Ty Gwyn

Dung fork handles should fit,available from most farming stores.

Ash it is then.

This might be worth a bit of a read, , it's about axe handles but would probably apply to spades.
Mistress Rose

I didn't read the whole lot, but one reason is that ash and hickory are resilant, so you get a bit of 'bounce' in the wood for things like axes and hammers, so the impact doesn't hurt your hand so much. Ash is also used for cricket bat handles for the same reason. Being light, ash also is useful for things like shove holer handles because they are heavy enough without a heavy handle. Cleaved ash should be pretty strong and last a good time if kept out of the weather during storage. Otherwise, as Ty Gwyn says, try commercial dung fork or rake handles.
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