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Woodland tree nursery recommendations

We're looking to plant some more trees on a patch of land this year, which we have previously planted with ash, birch and oak, acquired from seedlings found growing at home and locally. However, given the question mark over ash, we would like to include a few more other species - mountain ash, hornbeam, sweet chestnut, wild cherry etc. Could any one recommend a good tree nursery either locally to us (Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire area) or mail order nurseries, which can supply a handful of each variety (not 100s as some seem to)?

Through various adverts in Smallholding magazine I've seen Glebe Farm Hedging, Buckingham Nurseries and Ashtrees - anyone tried any of these?

A quick Google also suggested there was a a nursery called Carmarthen Tree Nursery, but the website doesn't seem to exisit any more - anyone know if they are still operating?

Colin & Jan

Buckingham Nurseries have a good reputation. I used to live in the next village and the place was always rammed at the weekend. I think their bare-rooted trees are of a good standard.

Ideally you should try and source your new trees from an establishment that has obtained its seeds from sources local to your area. i realise that this maybe easier said than done.
On a different tack, why the heck we've imported trees from a country or countries that have a history of infection in their trees is absolutely beyond me.

Ideally you should try and source your new trees from an establishment that has obtained its seeds from sources local to your area

This is what I hope to do once I have some nurseries to contact. I see though from my initial research that some nurseries are now mentioning the source of their trees and highlighting if they are British seeds and British grown. The whole issue that you think you are buying British trees, but actually only the seeds originate from Britain, while the trees are germinated and grown in another country (as the Woodland Trust has found out) is a concern - how much do you trust what the companies tell you is true. Confused

Up until now all the trees we have planted (or relocated) have been sourced and grown within a few hundred metres of our house (ie ours and our neighbours garden). Now I want to include a few different species in the mix I'm going to have to look further afield.

We import meat from countries with histories of infection.......... Laughing
Ty Gwyn

Don`t know what part of Carms you are situated,but there`s a nursery near Brongest,turning for Newcastle Emlyn off the coast road,at Tanygroes.

Eventually found a localish tree nursery in north Pembrokeshire - Ty Rhos near Newport. Run by an Italian lady, who has lived in the area for many years, but clearly loves it in wet west Wales. The tree/shrub nursery had everything you could possibly need, ranging from small native saplings (1) to large potted trees and shrubs. If it wasn't such a trek for us across the Presellis, I would be popping in more often. Coincidently the nursery is situated a stones throw from John Seymours old place (of which some of Seymours still live) - which from the roadside looks like it is still heavily influenced by the man.
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