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Woodworm - can I treat it?

I've been given a wooden chest of drawers which my partner spent several hours sanding to take the varnish off. It's now ready for staining or painting but we've now spotted signs of woodworm.

Is there anything we can treat it with before painting which will stop this spreading?

Can anyone speak from experience in dealing successfully with woodworm infestation?

Blue Sky

Deffinately treat it first.

They do a product over here called xylophene (SP?)

It is used here for everything wooden as woodworm is rife. They do furnture polish with it in even. We sprayed all the timbers of this place when we moved in before we did anything else. Woodworm dust everywhere. No sign of them since.


We also restore old furniture and many pieces have some woodworm but is not always active - in fact rarely active and could be an old infestation - tap it and if dust comes out of the holes then it is likely to be ongoing. I would treat it anyhow with general woodworm treatment bought at most DIY shops - painted on and left for a few days - we also inject it into the holes.

Alternatively you can see if there is an autoclave service at a woodyard - this will zap anything that has taken up residence - cost here about 7 euros.
Andrew Morris

Xylophene polish

Looking for a replacement for Rentokil Classix Wax polish, which was discontinued about three years ago, and seems to have been unique as a woodworm preventative polish, if Google is anything to go by ... searching for polish with Xylophene in it has returned zero ... do you have any details of products and availability?

Yes - go to Tragos and get a tin of woodworm treater - its in the bit where the decking display bit is......

The best way (I am told) of killing woodworm in a small item is to put it in the freezer.
I don't suppose that helps you very much, but I thought I'd throw it in.

Thanks for replying Lorraine - I'd forgotten I'd asked this question! OH went ahead and painted it anyway 'oh, it'll be fine'. And then we found the tell-tale dust, black specks........

At which point I hightailed it to Trago and found just what you've suggested. Liberally applied to all unpainted areas and left outside to dry/smell to wear off - that was a couple of months ago and all seems to be well.

Why is it everyone groans at the thought of going to Trago, and yet they have everything you ever need, and often at a good price?

I love Trago....just wish it was nearer......
Dave NE

20+ years ago i used to use paraffin but it does take time for the smell to die down, Dave NE
bridget and peter

We have been advised by a surveyor with an interest in sustainability that boron is a more environmentally pleasant thing to treat woodworm with.

We try to keep ours at an acceptable level. We and our woodworm have a sort of Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau thing going on.
Green Man

Anything small with woodworm can be killed in the freezer.

Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
I love Trago....just wish it was nearer......

You aren't that far from the one at Liskeard are you? You come down to Truro occasionally and the Liskeard one (the best IMHO) is a lot closer

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