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Worst Plum varieties

Brandy Gage - Really sharp when under ripe, really pappy when over ripe, not brilliant when perfectly ripe and a total manky mess of brown rot

Manaccan Yellow - Tough as old boots and a regular cropper, very pretty fruit but not pleasant tasting whatever you do with it

Golden Sphere - A cherry plum; regular, early and quite a good cropper but tastes of absolutely nothing and has really thick skins so a pain to jam

Japanese Plums (all varieties) - I think yummersetter does better than me with these but they're really tough to prune as they just go off at all angles, very shy cropping even in a good year, love bacterial canker and splitting down the middle, wasps love them too
Mistress Rose

I have never tried growing any of those, but I find imported plums impossible. Rather like your Manaccan Yellow. I had one for several months once trying to get it to soften up, but gave up with it in the end and put it on the compost heap.

We've had a bad year with the Japanese and cross-species plums, only two have survived ( canker has been rife, and has also taken out a Mesch Mesch apricot, half a large peach tree, Gypsy plum). The cold spring meant that although there was lots of blossom, lasting for weeks, there have only been a dozen Japanese plums, and the woodpigeons nabbed those.
Got to say, though, (typing with crossed fingers) that the Satsuma plum tree that is planted four metres in front of the south-facing house wall seems very happy in that situation, and is normally thronged with fruit.
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