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Would we comply with agricultural tie?

There's a house we're interested in buying but it has an agricultural tie for an agricultural worker.

Me and the OH plan to run a small pig business (selling rare breed weaners and also growing on for meat) and maybe in the future adding some more 'strings' to our bow with bees/honey, sheep and such. We're under no illusions that one or the other of us will also have to work to make ends meet (we won't have a mortgage so that's one less thing to worry about), at least for the foreseeable future, but how will this leave us with regards to the agricultural tie?

We've phoned the council and informed them that we will be breeding rare breed pigs and they said 'oh yes, that'll be fine'. But i didn't mention that we will probably have to take on jobs outside of this in the meantime, until we're on our feet and established. I don't really understand the definition of an agricultural worker tie; does it mean that the majority of our income should come from our agricultural work? Or can we also work 'on the side' to up our income, even if the majority of our income initially comes from income outside of the agricultural industry? Confused

There's an annexe with the house and my parents would live there with us, although the house would just be in mine and my OH's name, so would THEY need to be employed in the agricultural industry or would they be ok just living there and paying their share of the bills whilst having bog standard jobs, as they're not really interested in farming/smallholding etc, but need to move with us wherever we go.

It's all so confusing, i'm sorry there's so many questions Embarassed

Get the person you spoke to at the council to confirm in writing that your plan to breed & sell rare pigs is ok to meet the 106 needs..

Can't help on the Ag Tie law but I'd be more worried about being to sell at a later date...
Rob R

If it helps one of you could get an agricultral job? But Richard's is the first course of action.

thanks guys.. i've done a bit of digging online tonight and it seems that out of everyone who lives there, the main income has to be from agriculture and that just wouldn't be viable with my mum and dad there too, earning money from normal jobs.

it was a long shot, but oh well, we live and learn eh! thanks anyway x

Dont give up until you have heard in writing either way from your council

depends on the local authority's take on what constitutes main sourse of income....
some stipulate that its not the money you earn, its the time you spend working in agriculture.

Go to TLIO website

Im trying to persuade Simon Fairlie to do a seminar on rural living/ag ties etc for the Rural Business School.

I also have a meeting with another knowledgeable chap on will keep Downsizers posted....
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