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Would you be in a feature for a newspaper you hated ......

if it was good publicity?

I've been contacted by a certain paper who are researching a feature on something that's a bit relevant to me. It would be about my work but there's a definite 'slant' to it.

I can PM more details if anyone needs them as I'm reluctant to post more about it here.

I have real issues with the paper BUT - it's free publicity!

Should I make like Roxanne and put on the red light? Very Happy

Yes you donut, PM me now!

Yes - as long as you think the audience of the paper could be potential customers.

I reckon you should do it personally.

Newspapers are funny things between what they say and what they do. Most slated the Olympic logo but took the money to run full page adds which included the logo. Generally I'd say use them for publicity but without the background of the 'slant' it's hard to say.

as long as the slant on it is going to make it good publicity for you, and not be a veiled attack, then go for it.

As others have said - if it is going to benefit you then go for it - sometimes you have to just grin and bear a compromise in principles (says the woman who had help in changing her tyre from a tory health minister Rolling Eyes)
Maxwell Smart

Too many variables to say...

But I would say it depends on the audience and on the nature of the article.

I've emailed back saying I'll be happy to participate but I've voiced my 'concerns' as well. Haven't heard back yet.

Do it, I had an article about my research appear in 'The Lady' a couple of years ago and I survived the obvious comparisons that were drawn between that publication's aspirations and my 'freshly dragged through a hedge backwards' attitude to life Laughing If it publicity and you aren't being quoted as saying something you wouldnt in 'real life' then it would have to be really subversive to turn down.

Re: Would you be in a feature for a newspaper you hated ....

No, I would not.

Stacey wrote:

I have real issues with the paper BUT - it's free publicity!

What are your issues - how flexible are you willing to be and still remain true to yourself? (no, you don't have to state them here.)
Will you regret appearing in it?
Can you hit the same target group in a different way?

Don't forget, you can always change your mind at this stage if it's something you don't want to take part in.
Sarah D

I wouldn't either.

use the media
be professional in the way you deal with them ,give them a good story that fits your ends and fits their brief
i have been accused of being a media tart but i see them as a powerful tool to spread good sense (or improve business )
choose your words carefully , be correct ,even if you are hostile to them in other cases do not show it cos they may be pro you in this case
print media is easier to do than stuff to camera as you can take more time to think before speaking but there is more scope for editorial slant in print as they choose maybe one photo and write around your words
my choice would be tv and /or internet with moving talking pictures /radio/print or written internet in that order of power
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