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wriggly tin

The shed roof has caved in Shocked

In fairness it's been a bit droopy for years and getting worse Rolling Eyes

So I've scrounged up some 4x2 and got some trendy self drilling screws with rubber washers on order and the new roof is to be wriggly tin instead of felt.

The shed's 8x6 I reckon with an Apex roof and I've got 20 odd sheets of 10 foot corrugated so I should have enough ! Very Happy

But I'm a tight git and at the end of the day - It's a shed and I'm not forking out for pre-formed apex flashings.

So how does one form a ridge which is reasonably water resistant between two sheets of corrugated iron ?

I've got angle grinders, a BIG vice, hammers etc and I'd like to turn 3-4 inches at the end of one sheet down so the other side will just fit under it, but I guess that it's not practical to do that ?

Anyway suggestions please lads and ladesses Embarassed

would using more corrugated longways as a ridge do the job?

bending it longways is fairly easy

Eight and a half quid for half your shed. You'll never bend it against the furrows. This'll do the job and save you time and cursing.

More like 33 I reckon Nick and after that you've only got flimsy plastic. I did wonder about Fibreglassing it - but I'd need to buy the stuff.

As to bending against the furrows, I was wondering about cutting away some of the steel on the compression side of teh fold and thinking that with a bit of practice one should be able to get the folding metal to close up the "V" of the cut ?

Alternatively I may try marking the "Fold line" and pinching it in the "4 in one" of little brother's JCB ! That may allow it to be bent against the furrows ? Worth a trial I think.

Failing that I think the idea of using a piece cut lengthways is probably the way forward. The last corrugation or two could be bashed flat and possibly even formed to go some way into the valleys ? I've got a second hand plasma cutter somewhere I think ? Might be an excuse to play with that ? Very Happy

I wondered about making "Tiles" out of the plastic cubes that vegetable oil comes in. Chop off the top and bottom, cut down and you have a fair length of strong plastic...
Would easily bend to make a ridge.
May not like the UV though.
Ty Gwyn

Forget trying to bend the corrugated across the ridges,you`ll only spread the ridges out of line,and it will look a right mess.

If 15 to 18 is to much for a 3m length of ridge capping,
Do as D pack say`s,cut and fold sheet length ways as a ridge.

You`ll also find spring heads with rubber washers a lot easier to use on corrugated sheets,the self drilling screws are for box profile.

As usuall ............ wot Dpack said.
I've done this before - you don't necessarily even need to pre-bend it. Fix to one side of roof, pull it down over ridge and fix other side.

Leave the eaves open for ventilation or you will get condensation. Air flow at ridge is also good.
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