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Midland Spinner


Saw him twice this morning - it's time to wrap up the hives!

One thing we don't have here...oh, and bears...

Never had a problem with them.
Once witnessed a male pied flycatcher repeatedly flying across the entrances to some of my hives, taking bees on the wing, but they are such a rare bird here I couldn't begrudge him his meal.

We talking green woodpeckers? I used to see them all the time in the SE but not as often here in Devon.

Thought they were more partial to ants?

I thought it was the guy from Bagpuss.

Thought they were more partial to ants?

Yes, they are. But the ants dig deeper in the colder weather and the green woodpeckers must feed elsewhere. Hives, and especially Nationals and poorly maintained hives with footholds are popular...and the birds are persistant. Once the holes are made rodents can enter and do their worst too.
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