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Ty Gwyn

Yahoo mail Help

Been off line for 4 week`s,old computer crashed,found out a fortnight later the mother board was finished ,so have bought a new computer,
All working fine except I cannot get into Yahoo mail,it won`t recognise my password which was the one I used with the old PC,

I remember a good while back I was urged to change my password and answered 2 secret question`s,i used these once to log in but now I fail to find the section where one can answer these question,

I don`t want to set up a new e-mail as I have posts that have been sent to me this last month that I need to read,

Anyone have any idea where to find the secret question section,as it seem`s to have changed slightly since I last used it.

I have a Yahoo account and I just tried following, from the log in page

need help
forgot password

and it took me to a page asking me to verify my mobile number.

I'm thinking you maybe don't have a mobile number, but the same links might take you to confirming your secret question answers.
Ty Gwyn

Thank`s Amanda,
Your correct I don`t have a mobile,if I did I`d have to take the computer down the field to get a signal,lol.

They seem to be hiding the secret question`s section well.
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