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Yes people it's on its way.

I hope they've not messed with the format with it moving to BBC1.
Mistress Rose

Might watch BBC1 for a change then. Haven't watched anything on it apart from the news for ages as they rarely have programmes I am interested in. We did very well for pie moulds when they showed them on the programme, and pastry seems to bring on sales of rolling pins.

I am in away with work tomorrow night so will iplayer it Rolling Eyes

not for me...
watched the last series - that was enough.
Who cares if the creamed mixture was too thick, not thick enough.....

If I can bake it, eat it and not feel sick, its good enough for me.
Barefoot Andrew

Bingate. The Bincident. Storm in a mixing bowl. Baking Bad. And other quips Laughing


I can't help thinking that poor hapless Jordan would have handled bingate much better

Hell, it's a clever advertising campaign.

'Pop up twat', a great sobriquet.
Barefoot Andrew

I'm not particularly into GBBO per se, but the "Extra slice" programmes with Jo Brand are top amusement.
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