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As well as watching Fiji beat South Africa at Rugby and Gloucestershire beat Surrey in the cricket final, yesterday I also went to fetch these.

Large Blacks are the rarest of the UK rare breeds and not only that but these girls are from one of the rarest breed lines. They're from the 'Blackie' line and because there are only five registered sows left in the world, they're rather important little girls at that. Its quite a bit of responsibility but one that I'm sure I'll enjoy.Very Happy

Very nice.

They look wonderful Bodger.
Will you breed off one?

As long as they turn out to be up to standard, I'm aiming to have litters off both.

nice critters,lb piggies are quite chilled( and have big litters)so im sure you will have lots of fun.the ones i have known were a bit keen on digging so check the floor now and again for escape tunnels ,man traps etc (and dont let them play on a lawn Laughing )

Now I am jealous!
They belong in Cornwall!!
It's a breed I've always wanted to keep (One of the two Cornish breeds) but the only supplier of weaners near me wanted stupid money for unregistered stock.
Just because he had a five minute walk on spot on 'it aint easy being green'.
Very Happy

The first lot that I had dug like crazy

I paid slightly OTT for them but I felt lucky to get them but that was because of the bloodline rather than the breed. LB's tend to go for a reasonable price.

There are three West Country breeders shown but there are more than that.!uk-herds/caa6

They do look a bit special, Bodger, well done! I hope to see you showing them at smallholder show in Wales next May.
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