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a cup of lively sourdough starter
a cup of strong flour
tablespoon oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup soya milk
1 teaspoon raw cane sugar

mix and ferment at 16 to 18 c 24 hrs by which time it should be a very active very thick batter

knead in enough flour to give a fairly stiff dough and knead for 5 mins or until it will ball with a bit of draw back if stretched (ie not a lot of needing)

dough prove 16 to 18 c for 12 hrs by which time it should be double in size and quite puffy

turn onto a floured board and cut in two
knock back and gently pull and roll into 2 loaves and put on oiled baking tray

cover and loaf prove at 30 c until doubled in size
slit length ways about a cm deep and cook at 190c with steam for 20 mins then dry at 170c for 20 mins (ten degrees less for a fan oven)

wrap in cloth and cool on a rack

this loaf only uses minimal oil but has a ciabatta style texture

very yummy and although it takes a couple of days it only needs about 15 mins hands on activity and very little effort as it is a minimal knead loaf

That sounds totally delicious Very Happy

But a lot of clat Sad

Is ciabatta normally a sourdough product or is it normally yeast ? Smile

traditionally sourdough (and a lot more oil than this recipe)but most uk ciabatta will be made with turbo yeast and sacks of "ciabatta"mix

this recipe isnt much work as mostly it is leave it bubbling gently in a covered bowl on top of the fridge or mantleshelf or whatever suitable constant temperature places you have.

that looks like right proper loaf. Hope you'd some nice salty butter to layer on it.

it is nice with butter ,but it is nice "naked" as well

i have messed around with this type of loaf for a while and the method above does give a nice result .i recon the flour is important and although many sorts are available i have settled on allinson's strong white bread flour as my basic flour .in 3kg bags it can be good value and it seems consistent in quality (unlike some ).

i will work on my crust control and i will report back once i have mastered how to adjust for the exact chewey to nutty to crispy balance but the temps time and steam specified above give a fairly decent crust

it could be fun to try this dough recipe in other hot spots such as a aga or wood fired oven rather than an electric fan oven .if folk do will you please let me know how you get on .
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