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Your feedback is needed!

In June i'm running an evening to promote my book. I've designed some posters for it.
I would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions (I will of course take offence and ignore anything remotely negative Wink ).
No but really, your thoughts would be useful.
By the way the bottom blue strip and the logos below are compulsory and provided by the venue as its part of their rules/guidelines.
If you click on any of the pics it will open another page with a bigger image.
They will be printed out to A4 and A5 I think - so its worth looking at the larger images to get a feel of the real thing?

Here's the first with a pic of the Twelve Apostles stone circle on Ilkley Moor (featured in the book):

With a generic 'Celtic cross' Perhaps easier for people to relate to?

Centred 'Celtic cross'

Centered without any shadow on the text (I know some people don't like shadowing but I like it):

Thanks for reading and your contributions!

The first one with the landscape background is definitely more engaging.

I'm not wild about the yellow lettering. If it was more gold, or ochre, it might be a bit gentler on the eye.


I prefer the first one - something about the writing over the cross bugs me on the others. I would however remove the text shadow from the black writing - not necessarily the yellow title.
Midland Spinner

The white background on the cross is easier to read.

But isn't your book set in a pre-christian / pagan community? (sorry, I haven't read it, but the title suggests that it's not exactly Christian ).

If so then the cross is misleading and could potentially lead to upset & confusion if people expect it to be broadly Christian in outlook and then find it's not.

My first thought was that the text was hard to read... much better in the last example where there was no shadowing.

The first or the last. Have you consider an picture of the book itself rather than just the cover image?

For me the last one gave greatest clarity and ease of reading.

umm dont like
the circle is several cultures earlier ,the cross at least two later later ,
the lettering fonts are a mix of styles i find messy and distracting
in the font stick to one ,maybe a super modern one
this may be intentional but could use less cliched images

umm maybe
background ,a constant in the location from before to after be it a close up stone or plant or face or other constant
ultra modern font

glad to offend to be helpful Wink
Azura Skye

I think the last one was the more professional looking. Good luck with it!
Barefoot Andrew

Another vote for the first one. Are you having them professionally printed? Don't forget a 2mm bleed Very Happy

The first one, Celtic Crosses are far too late and whilst the stones are much older than the tale being told, they are relevant, plus it looks lovely and eye catching

I like the last one as is very clear to read and when the book and the venue is mentioned in separate sections, you find what you want in just one glance.
The first one is nice to look at too...perharps more of poster material.
I like the sky as backround and it looks much more colourful too.

For the reasons many people have given, the crosses are wrong. The top one is good: what about printing in a sort of faded effect, so the background is less dominant? Also not sure about yellow: without the shadow yellow is difficult to read against a lot of other colours: how about a brown?

Hey OL,

I think the first one is most coherent and clear, the landscape background ties it together nicely and makes a good 'frame' for the text.

I think that the shadow makes it harder to read, especially at a distance.

What does the yellow text look like in the same blue (or even the orange of the little building's roof) as the banner you have to include? If you could do that it might make the whole thing look more balanced (using your font from the book but the venue's colour).

The other thing I'd say is try to have a play with the body text to get it either in one block or in separate sections so you don't have it 'wrapping' around the other elements, ie at the top where the the first two lines then slip over to the side of the book for the third line. You could maybe shift the book up so the intro is in the block down the side but then the 'more details at...' could go on one line underneath. Neat blocks are much nicer looking and easier to read, and having a fiddle with font size, borders and wording might get it more straight.

Hope that is helpful!

Not sure if there could be issues but

'Celtic Connections' is the name of the main UK Celtic Music Festival and is a registered Trade mark

Thanks very much for your suggestions and feedback. I know that technically crosses and carved stones are not strictly of the 'Celtic' age - its more a case of would the average person with only a vague notion of the history relate to it.
Anyways despite my thick skin and stubborn nature (I hate you for criticising my babies) I've taken on some of your suggestions (click on them to see large images):

Faded stone circle:

Faded 'Crannog' (where the story is set):

Crannog on top of stone circle sky:

Onwards and upwards!
Nell Merionwen

I like the first one best (of the new lot). I like the big open sky....

I liked the crosses. I don't care about historical accuracies. I can even watch a film without moaning someone's coat is the wrong era, or whatever. Wink

I like the top one of these, and the bottom of your first attempts. They struck me as the clearest.

I liked the crosses. I don't care about historical accuracies. I can even watch a film without moaning someone's coat is the wrong era, or whatever. Wink

I agree with Nick - life's too short.
Nell Merionwen

I liked the crosses. I don't care about historical accuracies. I can even watch a film without moaning someone's coat is the wrong era, or whatever. Wink

I agree with Nick - life's too short.
indeed....I used to be awful. Not as bad now. Laughing

People on here will lynch you for less, you know? NorthernMonkeyGirl

Faded stone circle is much better, and the blue text is better than the yellow Smile Nell Merionwen

People on here will lynch you for less, you know? meh dontknow lyndsayfink

ooh, yes, the first one on of those is nice!

(I'd nudge the green text in a bit to have it's right edge in line with the right edge of the book, and maybe make the book slightly larger to fill that space a little......but now I'm just nit-picking!)
Sally Too

I like the last one.... the suggestion of people around is good IMO. Like the sky in the background instead of whiteout. Cathryn

Bottom one is nice. It draws you into the building and it's interesting. OtleyLad

Any more thoughts anyone? Ty Gwyn

The celtic crosses ,make it stand out more.

Surely if it was to be authentic and in period,it would have to be in Welsh?

Good luck with it,in what ever form you choose.

I prefer the first one of the new batch - the ones with round houses on make the poster look to busy.

Some trivial points:

Why is Rob Godfrey not in italics, or why is Beccy Own in italics? Better to be consistent.

The date/time is a bit lost at the bottom, would this be better above the green text about ticket prices, or underneath the main heading of the poster?

Line up the green text with the book, or vice versa on the right-hand side.

Do you need to say what the ticket price reduction is for (or maybe that is obvious to those people who it refers to, OAPs, students etc.)
Barefoot Andrew

I prefer the third of the new batch - a little bit of sky adds a bit more depth and interest to the background.

Be careful with the green text: depending on how it is being printed and how you have specified the green make-up, it could render in print lighter than you expect.


A feast of posters here for anyone in need of inspiration. Can't beat old British travel posters.

welsh veg grower

not sure if these are flyers people will pick up and take away or posters for the local shops etc. If they are posters can I suggest less text and then have flyers with more text availbale that look the same (i.e. the image is the same) so I know its for the same event if i see the stuff in different locations I would then realte it all back to the one thing.

Its a great idea by the way to increase the audience for your book. good luck with it. dont forget to take photos of the event and then blog tweet facebook about it so people find out about it even if they didnt come to the event.
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