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Yurts, Ti pis etc

Has anyone got any expierience of biulding either of these or any other nomadic type home?
Would be eternally gratefull if somone could explain to me how to cut the canvas in the making of a ti pee as i have an almost free source of suitable poles and have decided to live in one this summer for a few months if i can just work out how to make it!
I like the look of yurts too but they seem far more elaborate.

try this site - it has instructions for erecting tipis Smile[/url]

heres a better one for the size of canvas

Someone posted pix on here of a yurt they had made that looked good. I don't think they post regularly, though...

yurt link


CAT do an information sheet with diagrams for the canvas, also geodesic domes should that interest you.

Clara x.

Try and track down Chris Park - Smile Top bloke.

waterproof /breathable
a good burner /n / flue

a bender using ash, willow or hazel coppice is ace
carry the cover ,find the structure locally
more permanantly settled needs more work to be adaptable to 4 season life .
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