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Winter Spiced Jelly.
Cuisine : British
1Kg Cooking Apples.
2 Cinnamon Sticks.
2 Star Anise.
10 Cloves.
Half a Nutmeg,grated.
4 Allspice Berries.
Zest & Juice of A Lemon.
Zest & Juice of An Orange.
450g Sugar.
100ml Cioder Vinegar.

Wash and cut up the apples into small chunks,leaving peel and cores in.Tip into a large pan with spices and fruit,add 600ml of water.Bringto the boil,and simmer for about an hour and a half.
Pour the apple mush into ajelly bag,and leave overnight to drip,DO NOT SQEEZE it.
Measure juice,should be about 600ml.
Put juice into a large pan,add vinegar and sugar.Bring slowly to the boil.and boil until setting point is reached.
Skim and pot as normal.

It sets very well.I doubled the recipe,got 10 8oz pots.
Copyright 2004