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Gareths flat bread - click to see and add comments Printable version
Cuisine :
Gareth's flat bread recipe goes something like this:

3 bags of strong bread flour
made up with hand hot water to give a soft dough (no yeast)
put this into a big bowl and pour a melted block of butter over it. Let it stand for an hour. Work all the butter in, will be sticky at first,just keep going. Knead until perfectly smooth.

Pinch off golfball sized lumps, roll out into 9 inch rounds. Brush with butter liberally, roll up into sausages, butter again and coil into a walnut whip sort of shape. Squish gently flat, (will freeze at this stage).

Chill for half an hour to let butter set again. Roll out to 9 inches, slap onto hot griddle, brush with butter, wait til it bubbles, turn and brush with butter again. Make heap of bread and cover with cloth until wanted. Try to avoid thinking about calories.

apparently it ought to have had even more butter in it, quantities for smaller amounts are about 14oz flour to 12oz butter including the brushing whilst cooking butter-put about half into the dough and save the rest for brushing

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