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Treacle Toffee - click to see and add comments Printable version
Cuisine : British


  • 1lb (450g) castor sugar

  • 4oz (125g) butter (plus a bit for greasing the tin)

  • 3tbsp golden syrup

  • 1tbsp treacle

  • Big (400g) tin condensed milk (pierced for pouring)

  • Saucer of cold water


  1. Heat the butter, sugar, syrup, treacle and water in a large pan, stirring all the time.

  2. When dissolved, add the condensed milk slowly.

  3. Stir until it comes to the boil.

  4. Meanwhile, grease your tin.

  5. Slow boil for about 20 minutes, stirring now and then.

  6. Test that it's ready by dropping a dollop into the cold water - if it turns solid, it's ready.

  7. Take off the heat and pour into the greased tray.

  8. Wait for it to cool then break it up (with a toffee hammer if you have one!) into pieces.


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