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The ultimate Elderflower cordial!
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Oh I just HAD to share this with you! It is possibly my most delicious experiment ever......ginger and elderflower cordial. I cannot describe to you in words exactly how incredible it tastes. Even misdemeanor who is not a fan of ginger thinks it tastes nice.

Minamoo's Ginger and Elderflower Cordial:

100 heads of elderflower
7 lemons, zested and squeezed into water
4 litres of boiling water
3kg sugar
100g citric acid
250g raw ginger, grated straight into water

I tend to make cordial in large batches hence the quantities, but feel free to reduce them. It is surprisingly easy however to pick 100 heads of elderflower and this quantity will make approx 6 litres of cordial. Which trust not enough cordial!

Boil water, stir sugar and citric acid in till dissolved. Zest and squeeze in lemons and ginger. Pour over elderflowers. Leave to steep for one week. Strain through muslin. Bring to the boil, boil for one minute and bottle it in hot, sterilised glass bottles with hot lids. Done this way, it will keep outside the freezer indefinitely. We are just now finishing our last bottle from last year. It may form a haze inside but that's just sugar doing some wierd chemically thing. It's absolutely fine to drink.

You can adjust the ginger according to your tastes but I LOVE ginger so I put in enough to give it a nice zingy aftertaste. It also means that it'll be the ultimate hot drink to have when you have a cold as the ginger will soothe the throat, elderflowers are very good for colds, and there's plenty of vit c!
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