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Treacle Cured Salmon - click to see and add comments Printable version
Cuisine : British
Just had this for dinner, jolly good it was too. The quantities and recipe are from Mark Hix's British Seasonal Food, I used a rather smaller bit of salmon.
1 salmon fillet (with skin), about 750g-1kg, trimmed
80g black treacle
1tsp fennel seeds, crushed
grated zest of one lemon
50g sea salt
1tbsp English mustard (I used powder though the original doesn't specify.)
2tsps coarsely ground black pepper

Lay the salmon skin side down on a sheet of clingfilm.
Warm the treacle in a bowl over a pan of simmering water until runny.
Mix all the other ingredients in with the treacle.
Spread over the salmon and wrap well in clingfilm.
Place on a deepish plate skin side down.
Leave at room temp for an hour then refrigerate for 48 hours.
To serve: Unwrap, get rid of excess liquid and marinade. Pat dry. Slice about 3mm thick.

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