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PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 22 10:35 pm    Post subject: sashimi Reply with quote

huge subject but here are a few aspects

get a perfect fish, very fresh or very fresh flash frozen and slow thawed

less than perfect don't bother it will be horrid and you may die

some fish are better than others, "meaty" and slightly oily seems to be good
salmons, trouts, tunas all work well
the likes of mackerel are delightful if you get them between not flapping and going stiff, after that pickle em or use them as bait for crabs
flaky white fish is not ideal unless salted for a while to consolidate the texture

naked and immediate is an option, marinaded in simple ways are also options

keep your fish cold, including minimizing handling times

a good marinade for salmon or trout

by volume
1 sea salt, big crystal is best
1 light natural sugar, honey or tree syrup
1.5 dried dill leaf

make enough mix and then prep fish in a manner of your choosing(whole with no bones in the middle section seems to work)
how much to use is variable, for a 2 foot long fish one volume is probably a table spoonful,

you might not need all the mix, rub it in until it looks quite dilly on the inside and lightly dilly on the outside

fold it flesh to flesh, wrap it tightly or better still vac pack it

depending on the fish, a few hours to quite* a while in a cold place (around 3C is a good target) will first make it shed and then reabsorb its fluids
half the fluids reabsorbed is probably done for most fish
discard any spare fluid, it will be over salty

* a fresh fish can be started, then frozen for a long time, then thawed for use and complete the process

i spose that is scandi sashimi but wrapped in a seaweed sheet with a little grated ginger and cucumber it sort of moves east:lol:

ps learn to sharpen steel


Joined: 02 Jul 2005
Posts: 42259
Location: yes
PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 22 6:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

mats are overrated for rolling

delicate finger work, with squeezing and rolling on a clean board seems to work better

place things well, compact each addition, use enough filling to give two turns of seaweed sheet on the outside, use a little soy sauce as "glue" for the last turn and a half

a combo of roll, milk the cow, pack the sausage will produce a nice "tube"

cutting is easy with a carving fork and a sharp blade

the fork holds and measures, slide the blade down the inside of the longside leg of the fork, move to the next slice
fast, tidy and you keep your finger ends

resting them between stages adds to stability

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