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chook language and happiness

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 24 1:00 pm    Post subject: chook language and happiness Reply with quote

towards the end of this program there is an item about chooks making recognizable noises depending on their mood/satisfaction with life in the "now"
inside science bbc

the chip in brain and gumshield stuff is interesting, but the chook stuff is revealing

perhaps it is supposed to be, maybe it said more than intended

no spoilers, you folk know my feelings about chooks and other avian dinosaurs

a couple of observations
improving welfare at industrial scale could easily be pitched as improving yield within whatever system being used

the divergence between industrial and "a manageable number of birds" that you know well as individuals etc is wider than from the cottage to the mill

ps hope no anti beebjobsworth was listening to the "treats" section
using the "k" word is a bit edgy

overall i recon that was a good if small nudge towards better chook keeping be it large or smaller scale

pps pigeons are just as much fun as chooks

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