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husky 5hp

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PostPosted: Tue May 21, 24 5:07 pm    Post subject: husky 5hp Reply with quote

needs a responsible home with experience of such beasts, it is very well-behaved(none of the downhill cut out when snedding that stihl ones often have)
nicely run in, due a clean and perhaps a light service, im not up to starting it up safely etc so i don't know if it will fire up for refuelling and a few pulls, probably will tis a husky, if not a bit of field maintenance will start it to give an idea of any tweaks it may need after a rest

iirc a couple of bars and chains in decent condition, a few bits and pieces

last use i gave it, i fire logged a winter with one and half tanks of fuel
all day it drinks about a gallon(2stk fuel/ chain oil container should be included)

im very open to a menu of offers from a responsible home

offers might range from a donation of your best capability to MSF, to that and a token thank-you to me

your transport arrangements, not mine

it would be nice if it got full use in a good context, i will wish to convince myself you know how to handle such beasts, it ain't a domestic one and those are well terrifying in the hands of the public

ps i count medium size trees as owt i can cuddle with my hands out of sight, plenty of power for a clean drop and chopping up

pps it is "i'm a lumberjack" rather than "i have a wood burner/large garden"
ticket or convincing long experience required for rehoming

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