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orange trade ins

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 05 5:18 pm    Post subject: orange trade ins  Reply with quote    

well, if you're going to get a new phone (and it's my first in 5 years) you might as well get rid of the old.

Orange shops are offering a trade in on what looks like most of their payg phones. It's only 10 (I think you might get better elsewhere) but they don't need box, charger or manual, just working phone with battery.

They've also got a limited number of cheap payg phones at 10 or 20 ish when you do the trade in. They'd run out of the cheapest today though so I've bought a 20 one (which is half the price of the phone I bought five years ago )

I'm not sure this counts for ethical, but I suppose it allows you to spend the remaining pennies on er. a compost bin or something.

I might start a poll and see how many people here have mobiles. It's one of those bits of modern life I do rather like. I barely use it, but when I have it has been very reassuring.

Mrs Fiddlesticks

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 05 5:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

I'm going off Orange. I have an Orange phone but have decided to change to O2 as the reception here for Orange is really pants ( unless I prefer to send all texts from the bottom of the garden!) but Orange lock the SIM to the phone and it costs 20 to undo - I know its a security thing but... I asked them to do it and they said it would take 3-7 days -that was nearly a fortnight ago and nothings happened. I can't bear to ring them as the 'automated selection' thingy and waiting you have to do just to speak to someone is very very tedious!! I've been a good customer of theirs for years but this has put me off.

And I've been a good girl and not fallen for any up-grade talk from O2 neither - happy with the phone I've got , ta!

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