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The Plummer Terrier - DB Plummer

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 05 4:24 pm    Post subject: The Plummer Terrier - DB Plummer  Reply with quote    

Anyone who has ever read one of Brian Plummers books knows why he was such a popular , yet totally unconvential man. He called himself a 'Rustic eccentric'. Author of over 50 books, including Nathan, Cottage on the edge of the world, Tales of a Rat hunting man, Omega, Polly and many more , also leading figure in television documentaries such as Way out of Walsall, The Lone Furrow, and a Rat hunting Man, minor celebrity best remembered for the man who owned the ferret that bit Richard Whitley, on the television outtake, still used today.

Enough about the history............Shortly before Brian died( I worked alongside him from 1998 until his death in 2003) and after a lot of hassle, he wrote his last book - The Plummer Terrier, about a breed of dog he created during his life- this book is yet to be printed. Brian hand wrote all his books - infact he left me the hand written book, together with the dictation tapes his secretary used as she couldnt read his writing.

We have had the tapes digitally remastered, edited and released the book, narrated by the author Brian Plummer shortly before his death, on two c/d's as an audio book - and its great, pans clattering in the background - the phone rings,doorbell goes, the dog barks - life in the Plummer household as he narrates the book in his own words - a masterpiece or a rustic eccentric at his very best .
The Audio c/d is available through me, we did a very limted first edition run of 500 - this will be available through Amozon, ebay in time - Release date 8th March

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