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Brother Knitting Machine Patterns

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nature's child

Joined: 14 Aug 2005
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Location: Midlands
PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 05 7:06 pm    Post subject: Brother Knitting Machine Patterns  Reply with quote    

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of any good websites that have downloadable patterns for the Brother knitting machine.

I'm lucky enough to be picking up a machine tomorrow (bless freecycle), and can't wait to get started. Recently started to knit some socks by hand but I think the machine will be a bit quicker, at this rate the boys will be waiting about a month for a new pair!

Many thanks



Joined: 01 Jan 2005
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Location: Bourrou South West France
PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 05 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

Hi Denise,

I posted details (with pics) of how to make socks on a machine a while back.

Here's the link, I hope it's of some use.




Joined: 28 Oct 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 05 6:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote    

I don't know whether all knitting machines are similar or not, but about.com has a big section of free patterns of which there's a special section for machine knitting - http://knitting.about.com/library/blmkpatindex.htm

The hand knitting ones lead you to all sorts of other interesting sites so there's a chance that the machine knitting ones are worth an explore even if they don't instantly look right.

There is a website called user manuals or something, I always forget the address, which provides PDF/Word copies of loads of manuals, mainly household stuff, but it might be worth exploring the web and see if you can find a copy of the manual for your machine. Failing that even my awful town library (which arranges books by size and colour as far as I can see) has quite a lot of machine knitting books so you might do better in the Midlands?

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